Charleston Photo Booth Company

Charleston Photo Booth Company is the premier photo booth entertainment experience located right here in beautiful Charleston, SC. We've perfected photo booth technology and are dedicated to providing your event with unlimited fun!

When you rent our booth you are getting the power of a professional photography studio. Most photo booths are really small which limit your movements and have webcams or point and shoot cameras resulting in low quality images. We use a Canon D-SLR (aka what the pros use) and professional lighting. Your photo strips print on-site in just 30 seconds on portrait grade photo paper!

Charleston Photo Booth Company is the perfect choice for any event from Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Engagement Parties, Graduation & Proms, Birthday Parties, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Parties and Trade Shows! Our booths have a small 5x5 footprint while still fitting up to 10 adults! You pick your favorite from our 17 different backdrops. The guest chooses between color or black and white photo strips, follows the on-screen instructions, and watches themselves as they pose on the live view LCD screen. To add to the party atmosphere our booths have color changing lights and are wired for sound so your favorite tunes can be playing for your guests.

Having a beautiful, Charleston Summer wedding? WE NOW OFFER AIR CONDITIONING!

Charleston Photo Booth Company is a division of Charleston Portrait Photography by Teresa Rogers and because I am a professional photographer the quality of the photo booth images is of extreme importance to me. Every event receives a web gallery so the fun continues when your guests get to enjoy viewing all the images and order reprints/enlargements of their favorite photos!

Just how much is this going to cost you? We do custom estimates for each event but here are a few typical packages.

2 Hour Package - $495

3 Hour Package - $595

4 Hour Package - $750

5 Hour Package - $900

All Packages include: Delivery & Complete Setup! Full-time Photo Booth Host! Unlimited Photos that print on-site within 30 seconds on portrait grade photo paper! AIR CONDITIONING for outdoor events (a $75 additional charge-that thing is heavy)! Professional designed customized event header for your photo strips! On-line viewing gallery for all guests to enjoy! Guests select black & white or color for their photos! Fun props so your guests can ham it up for the camera! We do reserve the right to charge an $85 prop deposit to cover prop damages for some events.

Package Add-Ons

Event Scrap Book - $150, includes a scrapbook coordinator to help your guests!

Additional Hour - $200

Early Setup - $50 - $75

Visit to see our official photography website.

Call 843-345-1309 today to check for availability!

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